Oscar Neftali Sallaberry Vals

Nefty Sallaberry was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico on March 1st, 1964.  He is an original member of Menudo, joining in 1976,  leaving three years later in 1979, and is brothers with Fernando Sallaberry, who is also an original member.  Nefty left just after his fifteenth birthday, becoming the first member of Menudo to voluntarily quit.  He told Vibe magazine, he was beginning to notice that his friends from school were beginning to go on dates and go to parties.  Growing impatient with Menudo's "goody-goody" image and lack of a decent income, Nefty left.  Unfortunately for him, his timing was awful, as he left the group right on the cusp of when they were about to make it big in the Caribbean and South America.  While he's not the single most forgotten Menudo, had he stayed with the group a little while longer, his career as part of the group likely would not be as obscure as it is, now.

After Menudo, in 1987, Nefty, his brother Fernando, Carlos and Ricky Melendez got together and formed the group XCHANGE.  They were together for a very brief period of time.  They recorded a few demos, but weren't offered a recording contract, so they split up as quickly as they were brought together.  Nefty did not try to start up a career in the music business again, after this.

As an adult, Nefty attended Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and earned a degree in computer sciences.  He is now an Information Technology Officer (ITO) in Puerto Rico.  When he's not working, he uses a lot of his free time to help take care of his brother Fernando, who is suffering from a rare neuromuscular disorder.

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