Sons of Rock

Menudo's 27th album
Released: 1988
Line-Up: Ricky Martin; Raymond Acevedo; Sergio Gonzalez; Ruben Gomez; Angelo Garcia
*This album was reissued in early 1989 after the sudden departure of Raymond Acevedo.  The new album cover features new member Robert Avellanet.

Sons of Rock
Good Lovin'
Miss You 'Til Tomorrow
Say Why
You Got Potential
Nights on Fire
To Leave Once More
I Will

Originally released in 1988, Sons of Rock was reissued early in 1989 after Raymond Acevedo's sudden departure.  The new album cover features new member Robert Avellanet.  It's currently not known if Raymond's vocals were edited out for the reissue and replaced with Robert's.

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